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Welcome to the Section for Applying for a Business License

Dear client,

We are pleased to announce that in order to facilitate your application for a business license, we are now offering the use of digital forms (e-Forms). Our goal is to facilitate you through this process in the most efficient way possible. You can apply for a business license from the comfort of your office or home on a 24/7 basis, however in order to accomplish this we will require your cooperation. We ask you to read the instructions carefully before starting to fill in the e-Forms. This will allow you to have all the needed documents scanned and ready to add to your digital application.

Once your application is submitted and reviewed by our business advisors you will be informed if your application and documents submitted are complete and accurate. If your application is not complete and accurate you will be informed of what was missing and you can submit a new application when you are ready. If your request is complete you will receive an email with the payment information. You will have 10 working days to complete the payment and submit the proof of payment. When you have completed the payment, the process of evaluation starts and you will be informed of the result on average in 3 weeks depending on the type of request and/or business. Keep in mind that business requests in the health, aviation and tourism accommodation sector will require more time as we need to receive advise from other government departments.

Application for licenses in accordance with the Business Licensing Ordinance

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