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The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce & Industry of Aruba (DEACI) was established in 1986 with the introduction of the separate status of Aruba within the Dutch Kingdom. DEACI resides under the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development and is responsible for advising the Minister on economic policies, and implements these in turn on behalf of the Minister.

The DEACI contributes to the sustainable economic development, economic prosperity and the social welfare of those who are part of the Aruban society. This contribution is realized, among other things, by developing policies based on scientific foundations and orientation, long term planning, stimulating entrepreneurship and fostering international economic relations. Our objective is to promote a healthy and sustainable development of the Aruban economy.

The DEACI consists of the following Sections:

1. Economic Policy and Research
2. Sustainable Development Planning & Development Cooperation
3. Foreign Economic Relations and Business Development
4. Economic Policy Implementation
5. Business Licenses
6. General Services and Human Resources.

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