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The Aruban government wants to stimulate sustainable economic development in which the citizens and the natural environment will play a prominent role. One of the goals to achieve this is to diversify Aruba’s economy through six Promising Sectors. The Promising Sectors can be summarized in the following: Tourism, Knowledge Economy, Agriculture, Logistics, Circular Economy and Creative Industries. Aruba wants investments that are highly skilled, capital intensive, export oriented and foster innovation. We are working towards becoming a sustainable island and would like to welcome projects and investors who can contribute in this.

Top reasons to invest in Aruba

Quality of Life

  • Aruba offers quality of life with its high standard of living.
  • Combined with its strategic location and paradise-like climate, Aruba is the perfect place to set up a business!


  • Aruba is at the crossroads connecting North America and South America, as well as Latin America and Europe.
  • A high quality infrastructure.

International Business Climate

  • An open, market-driven economy, fueled by an excellent services sector and a well-educated and multilingual workforce.
  • Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Solid legal system and a safe place to live and do business.
  • Aruba ranks amongst the highest in reliable and fast telecom facilities in the region.

Tax and Finance

  • A beneficial tax system with competitive 25% corporate tax rate.
  • A red carpet treatment for investments in Aruba’s Promising Sectors.
  • Aruba’s financial system meets the highest international standards.
  • The Aruban florin is pegged to the US dollar and you can open US dollar accounts, facilitating international payments.
  • The local credit institutions are well equipped with trust, insurance, and investment departments providing local and international services.


  • The education system of Aruba, offers public schools along similar lines as the system in the Netherlands, and private schools, such as the International School of Aruba.
  • The University of Aruba offers Bachelor and Masters Level, which are accredited by NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie).

What we do

  • The DEACI is a government department that acts as a facilitator to investors.
  • We are responsible for identifying and attracting foreign corporations’ direct investments
  • We provide information, assistance and advise to potential investors and foreign companies
  • We provide access to a broad network of business partners and government institutions
  • We work closely with embassies and consulates-general of the Kingdom. the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and other organizations around in the region and around the world
  • We represent the Aruban government around the world
  • We are part of a public-private network to present Aruba as the One Happy Investment Island

To benefit from free assistance of the DEACI, please fill in the following form and we will contact you for the next step.

This information will not be construed as a commitment or obligation, and will be treated confidentially. It will only be used for internal purposes, and will help assist you in the best way possible.

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