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To establish a (new) business, and/or a takeover (acquisition) of an existing business. Choose the legal form:

Sole Proprietorship
Partner(s) of a General partnership (V.O.F.)
Corporation (NV) or Limited Liability Company (VBA)
Foreign legal entities, including B.V., S.A., LLC, Ltd., Inc. 

Amendment “Business Licensing Ordinance” AVV


Amendment “Business Licensing Guidelines” to establish a business in the field of health care (March 2022)

In connection with the introduction of new rules in the field of health care in Aruba and taking into account the legal requirements and regulations in this area and quality in health care in general, it has been agreed in collaboration with the Department of Public Health that before the interested party/legal person submits a request to obtain a license pursuant to the “Business Licensing Ordinance” to establish and operate a business with activities in the aforementioned field, it must first receive a “Declaration of no objection” from the “Quality Institute for Healthcare” of the Directorate of Public Health.

In particular, these activities include, but are not limited to, the establishment of businesses that will be engaged in Pharmacy or medicine business, Physicians or other healthcare professionals, Nursing homes and other healthcare related institutions or services.

The interested party/legal person can submit an application thereafter to obtain a license according to the “Business Licensing Ordinance” with all the required documents. This request has to comply with the Business Licensing Guidelines.

Contact details: “Kwaliteitsinstituut Gezondheidszorg” / “Quality Institute Healthcare”:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +297 522-4256

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