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Expert working Groups

To prepare and draft the reports for each of the identified program areas of the NSP, Expert Working Group(s) (EXWG) have been instituted and grouped into the five pillar (“5 Ps”) of sustainable development: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.

A broad range of stakeholders are approached throughout the process of the NSP to participate either as part of the EXWGs or in workshops and public events. The EXWGs have the task of (1) identifying and prioritizing program(s), strategic objective(s), desired outcome(s), and action(s) with their specific budget and responsible agency(ies) for the NSP, and (2) prioritizing and localizing the SDG targets and indicators relevant to the proposed programs for the NSP. The private sector, NGO’s, civil society and academia will also have an important role throughout the NSP process and will have joint responsibility for the implementation of the NSP.


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