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Expert working Groups

To prepare for the SDG implementation in Aruba, Expert Working Groups (EXWGs) have been instituted for each Pillar: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

A broad range of stakeholders are approached along the way to participate either as part of the EXWGs or through workshops/public events. The EXWGs will have the task of prioritizing and localizing the SDG targets and indicators (which are) related to the proposed accelerators. The private sector, NGO’s and academia will also have a joint responsibility for the implementation of the SDGs.

The National SDG Commission is in charge to guide and coordinate the implementation process and reporting on the SDGs. The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI) is responsible to guide and assist the EXWGs for the preparation of the NSP. The Department of Finance participates in this process to align the NSP with the Multi-annual budget process in order to secure the financing of the different actions for the implementation of the proposed interventions and SDGs. The Indicators Working Group (IWG) in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) will guide the process to identify the indicators, create a baseline report and develop a monitoring system. The main objectives of the IWG are:

  • to develop a National Statistical System (NSS) and a data dashboard
  • to improve the statistical capacity of government employees and NGOs.
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