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International Trade

Aruba’s economy has a small and open economy with limited manufacturing. The island trades with partners for a broad spectrum of merchandise. Exports are very low, an average of 5.0% of active businesses engage in exports (excl. tourism). Aruba has its major trading partners such as the USA, the Netherlands, Colombia, Panama and Brazil, but trade happens with all continents in the world.

International Business – Import

Goods listed in the “Government Decree, Import License of Goods” for execution of the “Ordinance Import and Export“, can only be imported with an import license. First, is verified if the legal requirements are complied with, especially if the right invoices and other documents are submitted. Subsequently, the license is granted by means of a seal and initialing of the documents.
The market protection policy based on the aforementioned “Ordinance Import and Export” is almost completely eliminated. Only local chicken eggs still enjoy, according to the “Ordinance Import of Chicken Eggs“, market protection by means of an import prohibition.

International Business-Export

The government of Aruba is committed to make export an important activity in support of the creation and sustainability of a new pillar in the Aruban economy. Therefore it has instituted Exprodesk to assist businesses and to create a business climate that fosters export of services and goods. Furthermore, Aruba is an interesting place with its strategic location to as a hub for the American and the European Continent. The most traditional form of export is the export of goods, but Aruba also offers an excellent opportunity for the export of knowledge on energy efficiency, education, logistics, creative industries and innovation technologies.

For data on trade please consult the Central Bureau of Statistics:

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