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As the government is moving forward to create inclusive and decent jobs, promoting entrepreneurship, investment, innovation and business development, there is an implicit collective understanding of the sectors that the economy of Aruba needs to engage in. The sectors vary in degrees of technology depth but are summarized in six Promising Sectors: Tourism, Knowledge Economy, Agriculture, Logistics, Circular Economy and Creative Industries. The key-sectors and their specific sub-sectors for focus are presented below.

Investment Policy

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Investment Promotion (ARINA)

Aruba Investment Agency, Arina, is the first and main point of contact for all Foreign Direct Investment in Aruba. Arina was established in order to make it easier for investors to establish a business on Aruba or use Aruba as a gateway to enter new markets.

Arina’s services include:

  • Providing comprehensive intelligence on Aruba;
  • Providing sector and market intelligence;
  • Advising and assisting you on investment opportunities and policies;
  • Introducing you to important and relevant contacts;
  • Assisting in all government procedures (e.g. licenses and permits);
  • Offering site visit assistance;
  • Providing information on all procedures and requirements for establishment.

Through Arina the permits and licenses will be processed in a much shorter time frame due to their fast tracks. Also, the client will have one main point of contact in Aruba, and Arina’s services are offered completely free of charge.

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